Client Testimonials

"We purchased a home in Fallbrook with Jill as our agent in January 2010. She is
an honest, hardworking agent and knowledgeable about our real estate needs.  I
observed that she had a good relationship with her management and other agents. 
She has been working and living in Fallbrook for many years and is knowledgeable
about what it takes to run a household.  An example, we came from LosAngeles and
I didn’t know much about septic tanks and she informed us in detail.  This is an
example of how she can educate the client of their new city.  When we didn’t
have a place to live in Fallbrook, she arranged a rental for us and with three
dogs that wasn’t an easy task.  She even offered to take one of our dogs if we
had to stay in a hotel.  Also a nice touch after the purchase, Jill arranged theseller to meet with us and spend an afternoon going over the nuances of the
home.  That was an over-the-top helpful day and wasn’t the action of a typical agent. 

Thank you Jill for all your help."  Stephen Jones

Note from Jill--OK Clients... I know many of you are very busy enjoying your new homes, but it be wonderful to have a few more letters on this page!  Hint hint!
I LOVE it when people say something nice about me and my work.  Thank you so much!